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Your heroic path starts in the monastery, feels something bad in the air, someone has hidden the sun behind a dark spell, creatures start invading the human world and no one can't stop them, you must find the evil behind this, then you need go to the city and find more information about what is happening.

- Gameplay

Only one save slot

Game saved automatically

Easy controls

Turn based

First person dungeon crawler

Lose some gold on dead

Only have one chapter at this time

- Lore

The game's world is set in a fantasy human realm where the sun has not returned in several days

Evil forces are using the safety of night to invade

You are a serf woman takes up arms to fight against the darkness

- Thanks for playing

Any kind of opinion are welcome, you can send me an e-mail or post a comment with your opinion or consideration, I want to make this game better with the user's reviews, you can also send me bug reports for improve the game

- Support

Thank you so much if you pay for play this game, the android version show ads every two minutes, the ad is going to load after the player press the screen to prevent click on it accidentally

I hate add ads to my apps but I need get some profit for continuing doing what I love to do, develop games! ^_^

- Remember

This game is in development, only have one chapter at this time, after kill the boss and enter the city, you cannot go more forward, have fun! :D


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Had quite a bit of fun with this on Android. Great consistent visuals, simple fun gameplay. The random full screen ad pop-ups were very annoying however, but at least they werent videos.

I was scrolling through and saw dawnbringer palette.

Just grabbed this little gem on a whim; really nice work.  It has that lovely polished feel you don't find in a lot of indie games.

says there was a problem running it

"Its last words were: spawn java ENOENT"

You need Java to play https://java.com/en/download/